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Welcome to Rhoden Rehabilitation & Equine Performance Centre

We are a premium equine Rehabilitation and Performance Centre Based in Tonbridge, Kent, offering a wide range of therapies for your horse. We offer services from a ‘one off’ session to fully tailored packages for long term rehabilitation.

Raeane & her team at Rhoden are experienced and kind with a genuine love for the horses. We have been using the water treadmill regularly and have noticed a definite Increase in the horses strength and fitness. Each horse has a tailored program to suit their needs. All our horses love using the treadmill and quite literally can’t wait to get on it when we arrive. Highly recommend.

Facebook - David Rumsey Dressage

Two weeks ago my slightly asthmatic cob had the salt therapy treatment and has not had to use his inhalers since. Rhoden Rehab arrived promptly over the three days and were very helpful and friendly. I would wholly recommend them.

Facebook - Larry Plaitz


Water Treadmill

Our state of the art water treadmill from FMBs Therapy Systems is specifically designed to aid rehabilitation, but is also an essential part of routine training to improve overall well being, suppleness, balance, core strength, muscle tone to both improve performance and help reduce the risk compensatory injuries.

Spa Bath

The heat therapy helps to improve blood circulation aiding muscle suppleness, allowing horses to work at their optimum and reducing the risk of injury.

They are also great for aiding recovery and relaxation after work.The solarium can be used to warm your horse up prior to their treadmill session, or whilst they are on the Combi floor.

Combi Floor

Our Combi Floor is a state-of-the-art equine therapy floor which combines controlled vibration with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) for improved circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, accelerate recovery and rehabilitation and for overall general well-being.

Salt & Oxgyen Therapy

Our SeaClimate system creates a microclimate similar to that found in salt caves or at the beach. Replicating this ionised environment is a key aspect of salt therapy treatments. Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antihistamine and horses having trouble with breathing, allergies or skin irritations can experience significant and lasting symptom relief following regular equine salt therapy. Salt therapy provides a natural, non-invasive and drug free therapy for performance horses in all disciplines.


We offer a range of livery options from full rehab and box rest to fitness and holiday vacations!

  • Individual turn out - if applicable

  • Horse walker - if applicable

  • Water Treadmill

  • Combi Floor

  • Combi Rug

  • Spa Bath

  • Arc Equine

  • Red Laser

  • Clipping / Trimming

  • Additional physio / osteopath treatments can be arranged


We’re very excited to announce that we are now brand ambassadors for ArcEquine. This is an amazing piece of equipment that offers a non invasive treatment that can promote improved healing timescales in a number of areas.

Our rehab horses staying with us have the benefit of using this system while staying. It’s incredibly easy to use and fits in well with any horses rehab programme. Can be used in a stable, or in the field!

We’re also pleased to offer our clients £20 off their own systems, using the discount code: RT2FEAP



  • +44 (0) 7545 590 365

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  • Rhoden Stables, Lucks Lane, Paddock Wood TN12 6PA


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  • +44 (0) 7545 590 365

  • Mon - Sat 8:00-17:00

  • Rhoden Stables, Lucks Lane, Paddock Wood TN12 6PA

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