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Water Treadmill

Our state of the art water treadmill from FMBs Therapy Systems is specifically designed to aid rehabilitation, but is also an essential part of routine training to improve overall well being, suppleness, balance, core strength, muscle tone to both improve performance and help reduce the risk compensatory injuries.


Hydrotherapy will benefit every single horse or pony, regardless of their age, size, or discipline. Another MAJOR benefit is we can work them in the dry, even when schools, walkers and fields are flooded! 💦

💧 Improved topline

💧 Improved fitness and stamina

💧 Increase stride length

💧 Increase flexion in joints

💧 Develop core engagement

💧 Improved straightness and suppleness

💧 Improved strength and muscle tone

Treadmill Individual

£ 50 / per session

When booked individually

Treadmill Intro

£ 30 / first session

Introduction session spends a bit longer getting the horse comfortable with the treadmill before we introduce the water

Treadmill Block

£ 450 / 10 sessions

Save £50 when booking in a block

Treadmill Block

£ 240 / 5 sessions

Save £10 when booking in a block

Treadmill & Combi-Floor

£ 65

When combined with Treadmill appointment. Usually £65


Does water depth affect back kinematics of horses during water treadmill exercise?

Increasing the depth of the water in a treadmill has been shown to increase the mediolateral (side to side) range of motion of the pelvis in a horse as it picks its feet up and pushes through the resistance of the water. It can also increase the flexion and extension of the thoracic spinal region - that’s across the withers and the back to just behind the saddle.

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Should I include Hydrotherapy in my horses regular programme?

YES! Hydrotherapy using an Equine Water Treadmill gives your horse a highly effective full body workout.

💧Enhances suppleness

💧Increases stride length

💧Increases cardio-vascular fitness and stamina

💧Helps build muscle tone

💧Improves core strength

💧Increases joint mobilisation and flexibility

💧Reduces concussion

💧Promotes overall wellbeing

💧Used by elite riders and trainers

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If I purchase a block of sessions, when do they expire?

All sessions must be redeemed within 12 months of purchase

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Can I ride after the session

Yes, you can ride the same day if you wish

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Can I claim for hydrotherapy on my insurance?

Yes, depending on your policy. If you have cover for complementary therapies this would include hydrotherapy if the vet recommends it. Please check with your insurance before your visit.

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Do I need a vet referral?

We don’t need a referral letter but we do need you to check with your vet that they are happy for your horse to have hydrotherapy. If you are planning to claim back the session please check with your insurance first.

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Where does the water go?

We re use as much water as we can, as we are mindful of being environmentally friendly. The water goes through a pre filtration mesh, then into a filtration tank which uses a combination of UV and charcoal to filter the water.

If any horses are particularly frightened of the net behind them and they need to poop in the water we will manually drain that down the drain to avoid very dirty water going into the tanks to be reused.

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Woody had his first time on the water treadmill today and thoroughly enjoyed himself. The ladies were so lovely and put me and Woody at ease, they were so friendly, patient and professional, we will be back

- Penny Wetherell

Brilliant service and very professional helpful staff. raeane was fantastic with correspondence and Graham was great with my pony who decided that standing still wasn't for him until Graham stood with him. Graham kept my pony lovely and calm. all in all would highly recommend

- Nicole Dunlop

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